Study Week Update

This week I decided to take a look into Typescript and look into VSCode. Currently, I am still looking into a good first bug for Typescript and working on a VSCode bug.


The VSCode bug that I wanted to investigate is this bug: It has to do with how the replace box does not resize when the find box does. I have a general sense of where to start and now will investigate further. findWidget.ts class has a bunch of functions that get my attention and I will need to see where replace is not updating the size. Also, the method _buildReplacePart() seems like a good start to look.


Typescript is a bit more challenging since because getting started on it works differently then most open source projects. I have previously contributed to Typescript’s API generator but I have not taken a look into how Typescript itself works. From the research gathered, in order to get going you need to create a test class and tell typescript what to expect. The test class is special since it uses it own version of mocha. You write Typescript code that’s expected to throw a error and Typescript will then generate it own test case based on that. In the upcoming week, I will share my research into Typescript and will dive deeper into how it works.

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