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This week I managed to finish a bug and investigate another VSCode bug.

So I finally implemented the maintainers suggestion. Now when two groups of cursors are deleted, it will collapse the cursors into two cursors. Using the existing code, I was able to implement his suggestion. After submitting my changes, the contributor made a couple of final changes . While I disliked that he push his changes, I think this is an opportunity to look at his code and how he implemented the rest of the changes. The PR got merged in and will be included in the next release.

The bug that I want to do as part of release 3 is this issue: This bug has to do with how even with”editor.autoClosingQuotes”: “always” the autocomplete would not complete with `. In contrast, W‘ or “ would complete the rest of the quote but ` would not do that regardless of setting.


After debugging, I figured out why it wasn’t quoting. There was a return statement that returned early if there was a word before the cursor. With the setting set to always, it made no sense why it returned early. I added an additional check to fix this problem. Currently this PR is awaiting feedback.


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