The Payoff

This week, I managed to get my Emmet PR done. After 3 weeks I made major progress on Emmet.


To recap, in my first week I built Emmet CSS Parser and figured out that stringScore is the primary method for ranking abbreviations. I then changed the method signature so that it included the full string abbreviations. For my second week, I changed the method so that if it could not match all of the characters in the abbreviation then it compared against the full string.

After some testing, I managed to narrow down to 4 tests that were failing after my changes.

The two tests I wanted to investigate were to from the resolve.js.

The following tests failed:

it('case insensitive matches', () => {
		assert.equal(expand('trf:rx'), 'transform: rotateX(${1:angle});');
assert.equal(expand('scx', { property: 'transform' }), 'scaleX(${1:x})');

After debugging, Emmet pumped out these numbers:

Rotate – 0.14

RotateX – 0.12

RotateY – 0.12

RotateZ – 0.12

A common theme in the failing tests were the X or Y. I needed to figure out why rotateX is rated low. Another change I noticed was that string was equal to rotatex and fullString was equal to rotateX. I realized that my ranking was lower because it couldn’t match X against abbr’s x. I then added .toLowerCase() to fix the issue.

The other two tests were in score.js. After some debugging, it had to do with how score.js used stringScore. It needed to be updated to include the new argument I had added. I had to modify it to this: score(abbr, item, item).
After I fixed that problem, it passed all the tests.

I finally implemented the maintainer’s suggestion and submitted a PR for it.

In the next coming weeks, I plan on making my next long term goal to be tackling a Typescript Bug.

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