Release 6

This week I have a ton of updates to give about my previous releases. First of all, Release 4 managed to get merged in. Also, after a suggestion from Alex I commented on Release 3 saying that my change might not have made it in and he should check insiders. Additionally, this week I got to mentor a fellow student. The initial issue he was working on was in my opinion a harder one and I directed him to this issue. I pointed him to findWidget.ts and I helped him land the PR. In addition, I got a update for this issue were someone recommend using shopt -s globstar to fix the issue.

Now for release 5, I asked a VSCode maintainer if Join Lines merge by 2 lines was intentional. He said that it wasn’t and said I could ask rebornix for advice. With that information I decided to push my PR that fixed the issue of Join Lines.

For release 6, I decided to change course to this bug. It is a bug where VSCode doesn’t copy blank lines. I made a PR that fixed the editor.emptySelectionClipboard so that it now is able to properly copy.

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