Open Source Adventures

In this release, I’ll go over my open source adventures over the last year. I was first introduced to open source during my OSD600 class where we had to make contributions to open source projects. My first real PR was to VSCode and it was a great first experience for me.

After OSD600, I made this blog post detailing how I want to grow and continue contributing to open source projects. I made a goal of making 40 PRs in total before OSD700 started. I had 12 PRs after completing OSD600. During the following months, I made contributions to multiple repository which included Yarn, VSCode and Typescript. The highlight for me was my PR to W3C CSS spec and another to WHATWG HTML spec. It was great that I got to make a change(albeit a small one) to HTML and CSS. However, I ran into issues in the fall semester which prevented me from completing my goal.

In the end, I submitted 34 PRs by December 2018. I was disappointed but at the same time I got a chance to improve my knowledge of VSCode and have a huge portfolio of work to showcase.


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