Release 5 Update

This week I started working on this issue for VSCode[]. It was to update Join Lines to interact with multi cursor better. Also, I have a couple of updates for previous releases. My release 4 PR got reassigned to another VSCode member. In addition, someone commented on my release 3 saying my fix didn’t work for him. I intent to look at his concern and figure out what is wrong.

When first starting, I found a place reference to start looking was here.It was a VSCode extension that had the desirable results I wanted to have.

While doing some debugging, I realized what the problem was with Join Line mutlicusor. What VSCode does is merge the line below and repeats this process. That action looks like this:

It is arbitrarily joins 2 lines without considering other selections.

My version will join multiple lines and does not have the 2 line join problem:

I still need to fix a couple of issue in my code but I believe my version works better.

It seems like I will need more time to fix this issue. Hopefully next week, I will finish this issue.

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