Release 4 Update

This week I was working on my release 4. For a recap, I initially looked into doing this PR but switched over to this PR. But while looking into the bug, I found another issue that got my attention. While looking at issues, I found this issue which had to do with how regex validation should be applied to the terminal find widget. Using the advice given, I was able to get the terminal find widget working. All I had to do was add this part of code to simple terminal widget:

validation: (value: string): InputBoxMessage | null => {
	if (value.length === 0) {
		return null;
	if (!this._findInput.getRegex()) {
		return null;
	try {
		/* tslint:disable:no-unused-expression */
		new RegExp(value);
		/* tslint:enable:no-unused-expression */
		return null;
	} catch (e) {
		return { content: e.message };

It is currently waiting for review.

For next week, I need to do more research on Typescript and working on more VSCode.

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