Looking at projects for OSD700.

In this blog post I am going to go through the projects that I am considering for OSD700. Currently, I am thinking of just contributing to projects that I have prior experience in. This is because the way the course is structured we are supposed to make a release bi weekly and provide an update to our class. As a result of this, the time to learn a new project is short in comparison to OSD600.

The first project I am considering is VSCode. VSCode is a code editor with some IDE type features. One good thing about VSCode is that it is so huge and there are many different issues that I can work on. Also, there are a couple of specific parts of VSCode that I am knowledgeable in about like multi curser and find window. I would be able to make contributions to this project imminently and there would be very little learning I would need to do. The problem I have with VSCode is that because the project is so big, it is easy to fall in the cracks. The interactions you have with the VSCode team tend to be clinical and cold at times. They will often push out your fix as fast as possible and will make changes to your request by themselves. However, this is not always the rule because I had some pretty good interactions with VSCode members like when I submitted a fix for VSCode’s Emmet where I learned a lot about how Emmet dealt with converting its legacy settings to new ones.

Furthermore, another project I am curious in is Emmet. Emmet allows a user to save time by helping to generate HTML and CSS tags. One way is to contribute, is through VSCode’s Emmet module which is located inside of VSCode .The other way is to contribute is to do it through Emmet’s own repository. I would want to contribute to this project because it gives me a look into dev tooling which not many people consider doing. A downside of this project is that Emmet is mostly done by one person and it takes a while for him to respond back.

In addition, another project I am considering is TypeScript. TypeScript is a superset of Javascript which adds additional features on top of Javascript. TypeScript code is converted into Javascript code which is then run. I would want to further explore TypeScript because the contributions I mostly made were to TSJS-lib-generator and I believe there is still a lot I could do for TypeScript. A reason why I would want to contribute to this project is that the work needed to be done is very interesting and involves looking through the W3C spec and updating TypeScript to conform to it. My experience with TypeScript has been more positive then VSCode as I find the members of TypeScript more welcoming and won’t just finish the fix themselves.

While these are my choices that I am thinking about right now, I am still open to different open source projects that other people present. Wrapping things up, I do have some projects I am interested in contributing to but I am open to exploring other projects.

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